What’s In My Bag Part Deux

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Wow, it’s been slightly more than a year since the last post on What’s In My Bag? what a coincidence that I decided to post an update haha :P

I’ve gone through a few bags after that (In no particular chronological order, by the way)- Fossil, Bric’s, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Charles And Keith, even a Coleman one, but this is the most satisfying bag I’ve had in a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love the other bags (I love bags in general anyway :P) but they were just not “right” for some reason after using them for a while- too heavy (Main reason), too small, too big.

Enter my Timbuk2 :D

I got it during my recent trip to Singapore, at their outlet in Cathay Cineleisure Orchard for SGD 179. On my last night there, nonetheless XD

To be honest I initially didn’t want it despite it looking good and being of a good brand (Dearest Louis has his eyes on the brand for quite some time), because I had just got the Coleman bag (Very good for travelling I might add) and really didn’t want a new bag so soon after getting one, but my Mum goaded me. Seriously >_> She actually guilt-tripped me into getting it, and she paid for it for me. Thanks Mum :)

The bag opened to reveal a slash pocket and a zippered pocket in which a strap to hang keys from (Interesting!) is included on the front. Oh, and it did come with a strap pad, but it was too bulky for my shoulders so I gave it to dearest… who got the Light Bright Messenger (Also thanks to Mum) and he has two strap pads now XD

I tried searching for the model on the website, and the closest match I could get is called the D-Lux Laptop Messenger Bondage (In size XS) when mine said D-Lux Bondage Messenger on the tag and sent me on a wild goose chase wondering why it’s not on the website @_@ It’s apparently new though, which could explain it :O

The inside it pretty different too- it has a studded sleeve that can fit an iPad (Or maybe a netbook, I don’t know)- it definitely can fit my first generation iPad with the original Apple cover snugly. It also comes with a velcro-fastened removable panel for add-ons which is different than the usual messenger bags that they have, and the straps are for fastening those add-on panels. I can’t find any of the add-on panels online yet, but you don’t necessarily need to use Timbuk2- anything you can fasten onto the straps can be used :P

The size is just right for all my stuff, it’s comfortable, tough and sturdy (Not to mention waterproof)- the perfect bag for me. And while it does start to feel heavy after a long day (Especially when I’m tired), one of the reasons I’ve always favoured sling bags is because they can be carried on the other shoulder, and that usually fixes the problem. My ONLY gripe would be the noise it makes when I open the bag- it’s fastened with velcro so it obvious makes a ripping sound when you open it… not ideal in places where you want quiet :P Though the velcro is seriously very good- no lint is stuck onto it ever and it’s solid.

Anyway- the stuff in my bag.

A LeSportSac cosmetics/make-up pouch takes up the most space, holding things like a compact mirror, tissues (Mainly), blotting paper (Though I hardly ever use it now, but just in case), a packet of Post-It notes, hand sanitiser and eye drops. I’m not going to picture them here though :P It’s called Happy Herd and my favourite LeSportSac collection because it has elephants XD And not to mention absolutely adorable :D

Then I have my brown leather Fossil wallet for my loyalty/shopping cards, my Parker pen (3-in-1, it also has a pencil) and coins; my black leather Braun Buffel bifold wallet; a travel charger for my iPhone 4 from MiLi; my Ray Ban sunglasses in its case; and not to mention, passport. My iPhone 4 is not pictured because it’s not permanently in the bag :P

The front slash pocket of the bag holds a tube of Mentholatum Maxilip lip balm, Christian Dior Dior Addict lipstick in 766 Taffetas, MAC lipstick in Gem Of Roses from their Semi-Precious collection and pepper spray… because it’s easier to access and I don’t want to scratch my lipsticks by putting them into the pouch :P

I foresee myself using this bag for a very long time (Not only because the quality is so good)- after getting it I have not been looking at other bags, nor am I intrigued by other bags D: Probably a good thing as to seeing how much I love bags and am easily swayed :P Hurrah for Timbuk2! I’m definitely a convert and definitely love the bag :)

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