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I realise that I do go through random obsessions that last for a period of time before petering out… and may or may nor come back depending on what it is :P

Right now, my obsessions are, in no particular order:

1. Signed books
- I’ve got two so far now- one from my “master” Joey Yap, who I learn Chinese metaphysics (Feng Shui, Ba Zi/Eight Characters and Mian Xiang/Face Reading) from (Though he only personally taught Mian Xiang/Face Reading when I attended, but the syllabus is all under him) and one from fashion photographer Nigel Barker (Pictured). I got my personal Ba Zi Day Master book signed by Joey Yap when I attended the Mian Xiang/Face Reading in June, and the Nigel Barker book was a gift from dearest Louis :) He went back all the way to Kinokuniya in Suria KLCC (When we went there earlier) to pick up the book when he heard that there are signed copies for sale there and we don’t live nearby!

There’s something personal about these books, though they don’t have my name written on them- and I feel like getting my hands on as much signed books as I can… though obviously books I read and authors I know and enjoy their work :P I’m also considering getting a signed book from A. Samad Said, the Malaysian National Laureate.

2. Teas from Chatime/Gong Cha
- Chatime and Gong Cha is basically two different Taiwanese bubble tea outlets, but I absolutely LOVE them both. I crave them at odd times, and the fact that they’re slightly inaccessible due to proximity problems makes it even worse :( There’s a Chatime very near where I stay but there’s major accessibility problems there too. I love Chatime‘s red bean milk tea (Left), which has red bean and “pearls” (I love red bean!), and Gong Cha‘s Signature Milk Oolong Tea (Right), which has nothing physical in it but tastes so smooth and divine. I love them both without ice, as I can slowly take my time to savour them without the ice melting and diluting the drink :P In terms of tea quality though I really prefer Gong Cha. Mm, just thinking about them now makes me thirsty for them :9

3. Kinokuniya
- I love books, there’s no doubt about it. Kinokuniya is one of the largest bookstores in Malaysia, with a selection of books that, in my opinion, trumps Borders, MPH and Popular (Although I love Borders and MPH too). This is my book heaven and I can easily spend a whole day here :x And every time I go there, I’m bound to come out with an average of at least 3 books :P It’s not always that I get to go to Kinokuniya because it’s located in Suria KLCC which is rather far from where I live, and that is what makes me more obsessed with it compared to the other bookstores :P

Photo taken from here.

4. My Foxy Originals Heaven necklace
- This is a beautiful necklace. Any wonder why I’m obsessed with it?

5. Online shopping
- OK this is so not recent, I’ve gone through a huge phase of online shopping, stopped when things got a bit out of hand (Oops :P Was even buying things I didn’t really need) and am now back again. Though I’m not buying as much- I’m more window shopping online now I guess. My favourite sites to window shop are Sephora, Amazon, ASOS, Victoria’s Secret and The Book Depository for books. I also love window shopping physically, though, obviously, especially with Sephora opening two stores here in Malaysia, but I still do online shop, mainly for things that can’t be seen/found locally and if I see something that really really strikes my fancy and that I really need, will then only buy :P I’ve got more self-control now! XD

Mum can’t really window shop- she has to buy something (I don’t understand!), while I can window shop and not buy anything (She doesn’t understand!), which is really weird :P So only dearest takes me out window shopping most of the time and I go out with Mum when she needs to get something or we have something in mind to get (She’s not a fan of going much too) :) I like to see trends, what’s new, price check, so yeah.

6. Quest Crew
- And JabbawockeeZ, and watching America’s Best Dance Crew. I’ve pretty much watched the entire Season 3, where Quest Crew won, and all of the JabbawockeeZ performances thanks to YouTube and I’m a fan! XD I like all the Quest Crew boys- Hok, Victor Kim, Steve Terada, Brian Hirano and Feng haha :P It’s so sad that I can even name their moves @_@ Dearest’s favourite dance crew is JabbawockeeZ, but for me, although JabbawockeeZ IS good, I still stick with Quest Crew as my favourite dance crew :D

7. Wong Fu Productions
- Again, thanks to YouTube and huge part to dearest. It all started innocently watching NigaHiga, then moved on to KevJumba and I finally found Wong Fu Productions, which dearest also recommended to me. I love their style, and their sense of humour, and am amazed by their skills. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and I even bought their Technology Ruins Romance t-shirt to support them, because they’re that awesome :3

8. My iPhone 4
- I got it in April this year (Thanks Dad!) and I am STILL obsessed with it. Tweeting, emailing, checking Facebook, taking pictures, everything is so easy and seamless on it. That, and the selection of applications and games are just so fun and interesting (No thanks too to my little brother for introducing games to me sometimes). I don’t jailbreak my iPhone 4, so having to pay for the applications and/or games kind of puts a damper on my downloading of them, which is good or I’ll be even more obsessed especially with playing games on it XD And yes, that is (One of) my iPhone 4‘s screen.

9. Japanese cultural stuff
- I’ve been keeping my eye out for Japanese cultural stuff again lately. I’ve stopped for quite a long time, after finding that people around me are obsessing over Japanese things just because it’s “cool”, and people who like Japanese stuff are branded as otaku or obsessed ~_~ That, and how hard it is to get them, though it’s still not as easy. I’m not going to list all the Japanese cultural stuff that I own because it would take forever, but I’ve since expanded from teacups and chopsticks (Which I still do collect) to decorative items and more importantly, their clothing. I now own two pairs of yukata, two pairs of geta (One as pictured), a pre-tied obi (Looking for another) and my most expensive purchase of all is a kimono (I keep it folded in storage for now) I bought for RM 1900. Very well worth the price, though, because it’s a beautiful article of clothing.

10. A bear. My bear.
- I had to put him here, because he insisted that I do. Ah, well, in a way I guess you can say that I am obsessed with him (In a healthy way, of course) :3

Oh, this is only until the end of this year which is the application deadline, but I’m also kind of obsessed with my application to Nanyang Technological University Singapore. I want everything to be as perfect as it possibly can be, and I also need to study for my Graduate Record Examination (GRE) which is going to be this September >_< If that’s not an obsession, I don’t know what it is haha!

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