It’s The End Of January Already?

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… And before we know it, it’s already the end of January 2011. One more day, actually. Apologies for the lack of updates the entire month- I’ve been busy :s

Chinese New Year, otherwise also known as the Lunar New Year is near- on the 3rd February actually, and I’ve been feeling the festivities :D

First, earlier this month, from the 4th January to 8th January I’ve been to Labuan- the island where I grew up, along with dearest Louis and Mum :3 I kind of miss the place to be honest- the lifestyle is very laid back and the beaches are pretty (But the sand on the beaches are coarser compared to, say, Langkawi)… though shopping-wise I’d say it’s hell because there’s barely anything of note, unless you count liquor/alcohol, cigarettes and cars (Being a duty-free island)… and oh, chocolates of course! To debunk a myth that I see nice expensive sports cars on a regular basis in Labuan… well, there is no point in getting one really, unless you regularly drive to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, since Labuan is so small, you can’t really maximise your sports car :P

It’s dearest’s first time going so far, and I’m really happy he got to accompany me on this trip :3 He enjoyed it too, thankfully, though I wish we had slightly more time to explore the island more. It just doesn’t feel enough to show him all the places!

Then the new semester started on 10th January, and I am taking only two subjects- PSY209 Counselling Skills and MCH202 Public Speaking. The former has weekly assignments to complete (As well as a triage counselling assignment, groan), while the latter has no written examinations at all, just speeches. Thankfully, not too heavy a load, but it still doesn’t mean I can slack! I’ve been sick for two classes for PSY209 Counselling Skills, which means I need to redouble my efforts for the weekly assignments to catch up :(

Attended Joey Yap‘s Feng Shui And Astrology 2011 seminar at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on the 23rd January with Mum since I got free tickets, and enjoyed myself thoroughly! Joey Yap is indeed an excellent speaker and I understood every bit of it :D The people attending were a bit annoying where I sat- they could hardly understand the terms used and when they did, they thought they understood it all, as well as talking and giggling and making noise >_> Too bad as well for the organisation, which leaves a lot to be desired- mainly the young people hired as runners and lines-keepers =_= The salespeople were a bit meh as well, but I enjoyed the event as a whole :) Definitely looking forward to more events like this. Attending the Mian Xiang (Face Reading) course in June :D

And more recently, I had my yearly pre-Chinese New Year perm and dye job. The perm doesn’t make much difference to my hairstyle and length before the perm, except for the roots, which are now curlier and thus looks more standardised with the rest of my hair (Dearest commented I look like I’ve got dreadlocks, which is amusing XD), but I am absolutely loving the colour! It’s just the shade of red I’ve always loved and wanted :D The photo was taken 2 days after the perm and dye, and it’s just so lovely! Too bad my hairstylist (Connie Beauty Salon in Pertama Complex- highly recommended and I wouldn’t go anywhere to get my hair cut/permed/dyed) cautioned that it wouldn’t last long, because red is a tricky colour to keep and oxidises :( Oh well, nothing is perfect, really, and all I can do is maintain the colour for as long as I can XD

Thus, I am going to invest a little in treatments for my hair :x

In short, I’ve also been very busy spring cleaning for the impending Chinese New Year the whole of January. Been mainly helping Mum with the whole house (Did some rather major refurbishments to the living room furniture and the decor) as well as cleaning and reorganising my own room- I think I’ve been rather merciless this year, culling all the stuff I don’t use and have been hoarding for years already :x I’m such a pack rat- I find it hard to throw away stuff because they have some value attached to it. Thank goodness for dearest, though- I can at least put some stuff I really don’t have the heart to throw yet have no use for at his place now! :P No photos of my newly-cleaned room as of yet, as I am waiting until Monday or the eve to change my bedsheets XD Then I’ll have photos of my room up :P

Dearest also recently got his hands on a brand new Dell Streak, and he is loving it! I will have photos of it up :P It has a front-facing camera, and I have to resist the urge to camwhore with it every time I have my hands on it XD This is dearest’s first new phone, and he worked hard for it, which I am proud of :3

It’s been raining the entire day today D:

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  1. bear says:

    Waaa, your bf very lucky!

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