Merry Christmas

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To everyone who celebrates it, a Merry Christmas, and to those who don’t, happy holidays :D It seems to be (Apart from New Year, that is) the only holiday in the world where a majority of countries celebrate it :P

Here’s this year’s Christmas decor for Mid Valley Megamall :) There was a Santa Claus in the middle there as I was taking this photo, hence the amount of people XD It’s quite pretty, too bad I was at the second top floor while taking this photo- it’s not that very clear ;(

This is for Tropicana City Mall, taken after closing hours when dearest Louis and me were waiting to watch a movie there- dearest brought me to watch Tangled and it was awesome :D It has been so long since our last late night movie date!

This year I’ll be attending Christmas mass with dearest and his parents later, and tomorrow afternoon will be having Christmas lunch with them as well as my Mum and little brother. This is the first time I’ll be celebrating Christmas with dearest and his parents, as last year they were still in Sibu, Sarawak :)

Also, Mum was ill, and dearest’s mother made tong yuen for us instead for the Winter Solstice Festival last Wednesday! It was quite yummy- though I personally don’t take much of it… but it’s a once a year treat and part of our Chinese culture and tradition so yeah :P

The normal tong yuen :3 I think I don’t really like tong yuen because of the ginger-based soup (I dislike ginger) and the stickiness of the glutinous balls… but this was all right. Just nice :D

Bigger tong yuen with peanut filling :9 I like this one more, but it’s stickier D:

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