Goodbye 2010!

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Another year is ending, and another new year is dawning on us…

The year 2010 has been a bit of a blur for me to be honest, especially the first few months- I spent quite some time wondering what I’ve been doing but can’t think of anything specific and really really memorable, but I wouldn’t say it has been a bad year overall :)

For one, in the year 2010, I…

… got my room repainted. Amazing how a new colour scheme can make a difference :P I can’t really change the design of my room due to the power plugs and wiring, so it’s the least I can do. I love interior design and redesigning, in a way :3 Oh, and the other 2 walls have a different but complementing colour scheme :D

… attended a concert- Slash Live In Malaysia 2010. A guitar legend, enough said :D

… went to Singapore, with dearest Louis and Mum- OK, I still have not finished writing about my trip and uploading the photos, sorry :x I shall get to it as soon as I can D: I’ll be going down again sometime in April 2011 though, and I look forward to it! ;)

… got an Apple iPad- the 64GB Wi-Fi version from Singapore as a birthday present from my Dad :3 Huge thanks to dearest for helping making it possible too!

… finished my thesis- And hurrah for that! It’s the official end of my Bachelor’s degree, in a way. Though I am extending one more semester in University to finish up my electives and to hopefully give my GPA a boost :P

… bought a new watch- More in the post Being Thankful, this is really a big thing for me and after all, my old Casio G-MS was about 6 years old before its motor died on me :( I wear my watch on a really regular basis, so to change it is something major :P

… and most of all, amongst all other things that I wouldn’t list any more because it would take forever, I would personally say I’ve become a better person as well. I’ve been more open-minded, thankful, appreciative, more understanding and patient with the people around me (Especially my family) and been more hard-working in my endeavours, and I’m proud of it. I’ve also learnt to be a bit more relaxed (I’m almost always very uptight about almost everything) and to derive pleasures from little things :3

So what are my resolutions for the year 2011?

Well, I’m not the kind to make resolutions in all honesty, because it’s not something I can really guarantee I can and would keep for a whole year- but I do promise to make myself even better in the coming year of course, and to keep improving myself. Oh, I do so hope that my application (Which will commence next year) to study in Singapore would be successful, obviously! Wish me luck on that :P I also hope to get an Apple iPhone 4 sometime next year or early 2012 really, but that’s not as important as being able to further my studies in Singapore- to be honest I’m a bit worried about my application (As my grades thus far, although satisfactory, might not be the best), but I do believe that I would be able to get a place and be given a chance because of my interest, experiences and relevance :3 Still, I need to work hard, do my best and need all the hope and luck I can get! I guess that’s the only major worry I have that will still carry forward to the next year, and I sincerely hope that my worries will be proven unfounded :)

I’d also love to thank and give loads of hugs and kisses to my family (Particularly Dad and Mum), to dearest Louis, his parents, my friends (You know who you are!) and the people I have met and I have left for making this an amazing year for me :D Thank you all for everything, and much love, and I hope and wish for all the best in the coming year, and that there will be continual improvements in every endeavour undertaken ♥

Goodbye 2010, we will not meet again of course, but thank you for the wonderful year that I have had with you, and for all the opportunities I’ve had throughout. Here’s looking forward to an even more wonderful, magnificent and exciting year ahead in 2011! :)

I shall most likely be ushering the New Year from the comfort of my home as usual- due to the large number of people packing every where and my phobia for crowds :x But it still doesn’t make things any different, eh? It’s the spirit that counts, after all :P

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