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Taking a break from studying. Final exams are on the 11th December 2010 (Yes, a Saturday D: Afternoon nonetheless), then from 13th to 15th December 2010. Putting in a bit more effort for PSY308 Forensic Psychology and PSY304 Cognitive Psychology :P

Was at 1 Utama last Wednesday with dearest, though we had time for walking around the New Wing because we went there a tad bit late after having sent my dog for his grooming at Diva 9 Pet Salon earlier (Highly recommended, they do a really good job, especially May) and I also had my facial treatment at 128 Faubourg (Which I wrote about here >_>). I was quite excited to see the Christmas decor because the last time dearest and me went there they were undergoing massive renovations to put the decor up :D

The Christmas decor at 1 Utama New Wing is unbelievably pretty this year! They also had lots of booths that really piqued my interest- as Christmas booths hardly do since they usually sell the usual Christmas gift sets :P And while we were there and having dinner at Robot Sushi which is near the centre court, there was carolling too and we could hear it loud and clear XD It’s just so Christmas-y!

Couldn’t resist snapping a photo because of the prettiness :3 Dearest took this photo with his phone because he’s better at taking self-photos :P I bought him a Christmas edition Spongebob Squarepants tin of popcorn… mainly for the tin because it’s a Christmas edition and he loves Spongebob Squarepants XD Did I mention how much I love my bear? :3

I’m excited to see the completed Christmas decors at the Old Wing, as well as Mid Valley Megamall (Thought it’ll be a bit of a pain to go there because of the school holidays now) and The Curve :D They were all unfinished and in the process of being put up/built the last time we went there… so yeah. Though from what I have seen of the unfinished decor Mid Valley Megamall and The Curve seem to share the similar “toy land” concept o_O Will take photos and update once I have been there and seen them :D

Oh and Christmas season = sales season yay! XD (Though I have to battle my finals first T_T)

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3 Responses
  1. Arell says:

    OMG the decor at 1 Utama really looks very, very pretty @_@! I wish SG malls have such pretty decorations T_T!

  2. Rob says:

    It’s Beginning to look alot like dustbowl~

  3. Stephanie says:

    @Arell: But you’ve had an actual Christmas in Finland, which is envious for me enough T_T

    @Rob: Sadly not here :(

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