The Last Time I…

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Taking a break from writing my thesis, which is due on the 29th November 2010 and also waiting for my latest batches of journals to be printed so it’s easier for me to refer to them, rather than on the laptop. I’m making good progress so far I might say, and let’s hope this keeps up! I feel so accomplished :D

Anyway, I’m borrowing this post from Tine, who in turn borrowed it from someone else, who borrowed it from someone else and so it goes on :P Is “borrow” the proper term? D:

So here goes:

The Last Time I…

… Was Jealous:

Truth be told, I get jealous of my former classmates for graduating early, or getting married, or even for things such as having the opportunity to be able to travel overseas. But I’m not that petty, and get over it pretty fast, because I know things happen for a reason and I’ll also have my chance soon mwahahaha :D

… Cried:

The same as Tine, the last time I remember really crying was watching that scene in Up of Carl and his wife. It’s just so beautiful and tragic and moving. Oh, and anything to do with animals makes me cry too :x

… Was Drunk:

Been high yes, but not drunk, because I hardly ever drink >_>

… Overspent:

I think it was last month… or was it 2 months ago? Either way, I’ve been quite thrifty especially since this month XD And of course, the largest amount of money I’ve ever spent in a span of few days was during my holiday to Singapore with dearest and Mum in August :P

… Was Inspired:

Thinking about it, I get inspired by little things- maybe a program on TV, a good book or even a magazine, or even a blog or website or a game. Sometimes my pet(s) inspire me too, or sometimes it could be some scent. In other words, I get inspired almost every day!

… Watched The Sunrise:

It’s been quite some time :( I’m not really a morning person… so yeah.

… Made A Huge Mistake Or Did Something I Regret:

Hmm. I really can’t remember. I do have things that I regret in life, obviously, but I don’t usually dwell on them. After all, like I said, things happen for a reason, so instead of hitting my head on the wall, why not I concentrate on getting over it instead? :)

… Listened To My Gut:

Always. Thing is, sometimes people just don’t believe me when I voice out my gut feelings about something :(

… Fell In Love:

11th July 2009 :P OK, that was corny, but the next answer will be too: I fall in love almost everyday with dearest Louis, and also with my life despite its ups and (Sometimes quite horrible) downs :D Can I say I fall in love with my pet(s) too? XD

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