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As title says :(

I’m so sorry for the lack of updates I’ve been giving the blog, I feel really bad about it. And I’m not even done with the Singapore trip T_T

My thesis is due 29th November 2010, which means I need to focus and go full steam ahead on it. Apart from that, I also have a lab report due next Tuesday, 16th November 2010, need to prepare for a presentation during research colloquium on the 27th November 2010 and have a poster display for that day x_x Agh. So yeah, I wouldn’t be actively posting because I’ll be focusing on my thesis and assignments :P

In other news- those who know me would have already known that I will most likely be going to Singapore to further my studies- my Master’s degree. I haven’t officially graduated from University yet, that would be April 2011 (Since I’m extending one semester) so I can’t officially apply, but I am looking at Nanyang Technological University‘s Masters in Psychology course. I’ll be doing Social Psychology, with emphasis on organisations/organisational behaviour :) I hope that everything goes well and smoothly, though D:

Therefore, I’ll be heading down to Singapore some time next year after I graduate to check out the university, as well as other options :D Yay for another Singapore trip, albeit a more official one :P I’m quite thankful that I’m not going so far for a one-year course, since there’s a lot to be done, and being able to shuttle back and forth to do the application and the like is definitely a plus.

Though… I need to schedule a GRE and TOEFL test ._. TOEFL is OK… but GRE… I need to do math again zomg T_T

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