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So it was Thanksgiving in the United States of America on Thursday, so I thought I’d take some time to reflect on what I’ve been thankful for so far:

1. My family- particularly Mum and Dad. I don’t need to elaborate more :)

2. Dearest Louis. It’s been 16 months since we’ve been together (And counting, obviously! :3) and I’ve never been a happier person. He’s completely self-sacrificing and works really hard to build a future for us despite our “young” age, and he’s also the most mature, most adorable person I’ve ever met and he never fails to make me feel better no matter what (Amongst a lot of other things too!) :) I love you my dearest bear hehe ♥

3. My life. And all the opportunities I’ve been given. I know it sounds a bit clichéd, but meh :P It’s true in a way- I should be (Or feel) lucky for and appreciate what I have. And I’ve slowly learnt to be over the years, and I’ve also learnt a lot- to be more patient, caring and understanding, to be less bad-tempered, etc.

4. Admittedly, I’m not really a “friend” person (Those who really are friends with me are usually very select and few and close), but in terms of this category this year so far it has been all right- nothing extremely negative has occurred, and it has been smooth and fun mostly, so I am thankful for that at least :) The people around me has made my life so far this year more good than bad in general (As I’ve also learnt to ignore/cut out/avoid those who are nothing but bad news), so yeah :P

I’ve finished my thesis on Wednesday, but the final edit was done last night :D I am so proud of myself! And this is after slogging away and late nights for more than a week (Though late nights because I couldn’t really sleep and might as well put my brain to work since it was feeling alert anyway) D: I’m apparently now 90 words over the word limit (12000 words >_>) but I like the way it’s been written and thus am not willing to compromise :(

The stack of papers that are my journals for thesis and two copies of my printed thesis (As required) :D My thesis, including all the required stuff and all the appendices, is 73 pages thick >_> They need comb-binding, indeed.

I also mourned the death of one thing (Right on the day I finished my thesis- Wednesday) and welcome a new one in my life (On Friday, 26th November 2010)- my watch. My limited edition Casio Cockpit Series G-MS analogue-digital watch of 6-7 years have died on me (Motor problem, apparently), and I had to get a replacement watch. I wear my watch 24/7 and it’s really awkward not to have one around my wrist, and my old vintage Charles Jourdan dress watch (Which I wore when I was a kid until about 10 years old!) didn’t really cut it as it doesn’t have a day and date display and it’s also not waterproof T_T

It’s a Seiko Criteria. Can’t find the official page for it apparently, as it’s supposedly Asia-only (The advertisements for it were done by Hong Kong actress Miriam Yeung). Though I nearly spazzed out of my brains when I found out that there’s a silver stainless steel with black bezel face version =_= But dearest tells me that the black stainless steel version (The one I have) looks better on me so it’s all right :) And Mum approves of it too, since it (Admittedly does) look rugged on me XD

I’m actually quite picky when it comes to watches- I really like the classy look of an analogue watch since I’m not a kid any more, but the ease and convenience of a digital watch, which explains my dead Casio watch :P Also, I like stainless steel watch straps because I wear it 24/7, so it’s the best for me. This is my first fully analogue watch, but it displays the day and date… so I’m fine with it since it fulfils my criteria (Pun not intended) :D And it’s also an upgrade for me- my first watch since I was about 10 years old was a Spoon digital watch (Which died), then a Timex Ironman digital watch (Which discoloured and the plastic/silicone strap kept breaking and cracking), then my limited edition Casio Cockpit Series G-MS analogue-digital watch and now a Seiko Criteria analogue watch XD

Before dearest and me settled on the Seiko Criteria, I had my eye on the Fossil Ceramic Black MOP Dial Watch as well, but it’s… well, ceramic, and there’s no guarantee it won’t break @_@ Plus, Seiko had been around for a long time and everyone I know who wears a watch on a really regular basis either owns or has own a Seiko, and it has a strong track record… so the decision pretty much made itself XP

Ah, HELP University College‘s 20th Psychology Research Colloquium was on Saturday, 27th November 2010, and me and my group (Consisting of Adrian, Jeihan, Wei Lyn and John) had to present for our PSY 304 Cognitive Psychology class. Jeihan, Wei Lyn and me also had to chairperson a few sessions for extra credit for the class since we needed the extra credit XD Guess what? My group won the best presentation for the venue @_@ Which is unexpected, since none of us really bothered about it and none of us expected it… so yeah XD Plus, I was also tired >_> It felt good, though, to have won something in colloquium :D

I’m also addicted to the song Boys by The Beatles. It’s so good and catchy and it’s now my HTC Hero‘s default ringtone! XD I also didn’t know of the existence of The Beatles cartoons until recently :( It’s soooo good.

I shall go sleep and hand in my thesis tomorrow, as well as go shopping with dearest :3 Today has been good with shopping with Mum~

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