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Apologies for the lack of updates, especially on the Singapore trip! :( University is in a way taking its toll on me, and there are soooo many photos of the trip to process, the lazy bug just sometimes catches a hold on me >_> I promise I will endeavour to update as soon as I can, and I also realise that the previous post is pretty boring when written down :P

Anyway, today is a Perfect 10 day! :D Just thought I’d like to post on this rare occasion and have it marked on my archive calendar XD

Taking a leaf from this post by My Women Stuff (Ssh >_>), what’s my Perfect 10?

I’d also have to say my parents :P For the same reason- no matter what, they’re always supportive of whatever I do and they do their all to give me the best they can. And also a special mention to my dearest Louis :3

I’m not going to go to the material aspect of my Perfect 10, that’s a bit too much and it changes too often >_> But it has to be gadgets, books and skincare/makeup :D Oh, and my pets… and stuff like quality time…

Tomorrow will be my 15th month anniversary with dearest (Time does fly!), but we’ll both be having classes and at jarring times T-T Though we’ll be having dinner together, so all’s still well. He’ll also might be going to Singapore (For work) from Tuesday to Wednesday… I wish I could go to Singapore pif :(

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