Singapore Trip Day 2- 18th August 2010

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Sorry for the massive delay! :(

Anyway, on 18th August 2010, or day 2 in Singapore, dearest Louis, Mum and me hit Singapore Zoo… for the entire day. Yes, that includes the Night Safari :D So this post will have all animal photos and not much in the way of text XD

Warning though, it’s very image intensive- about more than 100 photos @_@ Blame it on trigger-happy dearest!

The tickets to Singapore Zoo :D With the tourist map/guide of the entire place and the cute serviette obtainable at its cafe :3 I took one (Or a few, I can’t exactly remember :P) as a souvenir because it’s adorable! :x

Likewise, the Night Safari tickets and the tourist map/guide, which we purchased after we were done with Singapore Zoo XD One of the tickets were purchased with a Night Safari lanyard that’s not pictured here because it was in its paper bag :P

Having arrived at the Singapore Zoo and heading towards the entrance. It was drizzly :(

Near the entrance :D The elephants are so adorable, although they’re not real.

We committed a tourist faux-pas of not having taken a group photo under the big sign near the entrance/ticketing booths that says Singapore Zoo, but there were a lot of groups of people queuing to do so so… >_>

Trying my hand at wrangling a crocodile :P

The fish in a pond near an entrance. Fat, huh?

Inside, opposite the souvenir shop, were parrots, and these were some of them :D

A pink parrot! Reminds me of a really tame one back in Labuan Bird Park… it was tame enough to let me touch it, but these apparently bite, according the zoo wardens D:

Mum and me, wildlife rangers! XD

A mousedeer! They’re really tiny-looking. And the colour is more vivid than the ones I saw in Malaysia D: Different species, perhaps :o

Dearest and me both love and appreciate how the Singapore Zoo is built encompassing, surrounding, around and within a real forest, without disturbing much of its natural-ness and authenticity, unlike most zoos that we’ve been to in Malaysia, which are built structures first then attempt to create an artificial “forest” or reforest the area (And failing).

Oooh what’s that? D:

It’s a… type of monkey! See how fluffy it looks :3

Another shot of the monkey. I honestly forgot its name XD

The walkway is so nicely designed. Look at the detail in the middle :D

We spotted an alligator swimming away in the river earlier, and then came across this one here taking a break @_@


Oh my goodness I absolutely love otters. They’re so cute and make the cutest noises ever (Apart from guinea pigs), and these are just soooo fat! One is even looking directly at the camera because dearest was distracting them XD

The otters are clustering here because it’s almost feeding time for them. And they were making noises the whole time because they want to be fed, and know that it’s time that they’re going to be fed. So cutteee ♥

Uuhhh… help, I’m being attacked by a (bronze) tiger? D:

OK, a real (white) tiger here :D

Another one of the white tigers.

They were playing, too! One of them (Let’s call it Tiger A smacked the other (Tiger B) then ran off, and Tiger B was looking for an opportunity to ambush Tiger A to smack it back, but Tiger A was smart enough to detect the incoming ambush and fled before Tiger B could spring XD

Can you spot the “hidden” tigers? :P

Not very clear here, but it was looking directly at the camera. Or was it looking at me? O_O

One of the tigers decided to hop into the water…

… while the other one for some reason just looked on XD

The tiger was sitting in the water @_@ And when it came back up, its fur did not look wet at all. Talk about water repellent D:

A pig-nosed freshwater turtle! Is that what it’s called? I forgot :x

It’s called an arapaima, not an arapamia, dearest :P

Pygmy hippos! They’re so small, compared to the other kind of hippos we usually see.

This picture makes the hippos look fake, doesn’t it? XD One of the hippos surfaced for air, and made a really loud blowing noise!

The pygmy hippos are called “ballerinas of the river” for a reason, and a legitimate one too. They actually “swim” underwater on tiptoes, with the tip of their front toes, like a ballerina doing a pirouette :D Oh, and a funny thing is while we were leaving… one of the hippos did number two in the water, and the fishes quickly went to work “cleaning” up. It was quite disgustingly hilarious, and we even heard it >_>

Desert warthogs. Oink!

This one is so cute. He dug a hole in the sand… and just sat in it.

The reptile section! An armadillo-looking lizard. Didn’t note its name >_>

It’s a snake!

And here is a type of iguana!

In the Australian section, the first thing we saw upon entering was this emu. o hai thar.

Kangaroos lazing around!

A wallaby had wandered into the open centre, in full, close view :D The enclosure is normally where the kangaroos were, but this one seemed to have left the enclosure and wandered here instead. Not that it really mattered, though, because the enclosures weren’t exactly meant to keep them inside but more like to partition the space.

Dearest took this photo of me :3 I was quite near the wallaby, actually, but of course didn’t dare touch it although I want to!

Damn, all the kangaroos are still lying around. We waited a while to see if one would stand up, but apparently they were too lazy… or content XD

Remembering Steve Irwin. Say what you want about him, but his efforts really made a difference to how some people see and understand wildlife and conservation.

Now this is something I’ve never seen before- a tree kangaroo :o

It’s simply gorgeous, to be honest. The colours are vivid and striking, and unlike kangaroos who hop, they are more agile, kind of like monkeys!

Eerrr… baboons :D

The seal show :D It was super crowded, and was ending when we got there, though dearest managed to get this shot and we got to see the seal fetch, as well as tease some volunteer kids and perform tricks XD I would have loved to be a volunteer, one of the kids that was called up to be a volunteer refused to be kissed by the seal! :(

Elephant art! I want one :(

Orangutans! This one was teasing some people with its stalk of food- the people were pulling the stalk but the warden chastened them >_>

The warden, who Mum struck a conversation with about orangutans, made this orangutan (The oldest in the group) do this for food for us XD

This orangutan is horrible D: The warden gave the last of his stalk to the large orangutan earlier, and this unhappy orangutan peed on the warden, who realised what was going on and pushed Mum away because they were standing together >_> Eeeewww.

This is apparently one of Ah Ming‘s (Singapore Zoo‘s famous orangutan) sons. Nice hair do :P

It doesn’t look it here, but this orangutan is upside down!

Polar bear! ♥

They live in a specially air-conditioned den, and they have toys in the water. By the looks of it the polar bear looked a bit hot :(

The polar bear then tried to find shelter… and we saw the other polar bear! So cuuttteee :D

Rhinoceros enjoying their food :3

I forgot exactly what kind of deer. They have a lot of deer XD

It doesn’t really show here, but the zebras coats look awesomely shiny :o

Cheetahs. They look smaller than I’ve always imagined them, actually. About the size of a medium-sized dog o_O But they’re svelte… and of course, fast! XD

Meerkats! There was the laughing of hyenas in the background, and the meerkats seemed to be on their “alert” positions and looked distracted by the sound. They’re so adorable, though, by the way they come out of their burrow and stood up.

More shiny coats, but on well-fed-looking giraffes now :D

Spot the lion!

Lazy lion and his ladies taking a nap :3

Not really clear here… but there’s a puma. They look small, too @_@

A jaguar here :D Slightly bigger and more muscular than the puma.

Snake on a… rock! XD

Another snake!

Snapping alligator turtle? D:

A rattlesnake. There’s a speaker above it playing the rattling sound rattlesnakes make whenever someone walks by. And the snake looks very active, moving around looking at people passing by.

Gila monster! They look… fat. And a little floppy XD

Now this is interesting- a komodo (omg I keep spelling kodomo >_>) dragon. It’s really, really big. And look how straight this komodo dragon is!

A very old and fat iguana. Its belly has like, what, 6, rolls of fat D:

Very old, and very very big giant tortoise. Pretty adorable actually :3

This tortoise is a naughty one as well- eating the shrubbery planted right outside its enclosure until it was almost bare of leaves D: Look! Proof!

Taking a short break at the cafe. The chicken sandwiches were divine! And the ice blended fruit juice comes in a cute bottle as pictured with dearest :P

A pelican resting :D

Penguins! :D Like the polar bears, they live in an air-conditioned area. Some of them, though, have lost some fur, particularly around their necks D:

Mum checking out the Ah Ming memorial. She has fond memories of Ah Ming, the famous orangutan of Singapore Zoo, as when she was in Singapore about 27 years ago, she would always come to Singapore Zoo, and Ah Ming would always be available for visitors to touch and photograph with, one of them being Mum. My late maternal grandmother had a photo in which she was holding Ah Ming‘s hand and leading her along, but the photo is also now lost :(

We were heading towards the kid’s area to hopefully catch some animal show (It has a dog!), but changed our minds halfway because it seemed like we needed to pay additional entrance fees? Not too sure, we didn’t confirm it, but instead we walked around the zoo more, finding animals and sections we didn’t see earlier XD

Chimpanzees. They look larger than what’s usually pictured on TV, though D:

A species of llamas. Their eyelashes are gorgeous! XD

Spot the flying fox!

A close-up of a mousedeer :3

The behind of a duck, sitting on a plant XD

A vividly blue coloured bird with a mousedeer :D

More flying foxes! One was climbing the tree to get to a branch to hang upside down from :D

Lemurs! :D I like to move it move it~

This is another species of lemur, and it was resting on the viewing balcony. It’s fluffy and pretty tame too, unperturbed by the people staring at it and taking photos.

It took quite some time before dearest could take this lovely shot, since it was more interested in burying its head in its body and sleeping XD

Might as well take as many nice shots while there’s a chance!

A lemur mid-scratch. Cute, huh? :D

A butterfly chrysalis. Inside the box were a few chrysalis hanging- some were open and some butterflies were just sunning their wings, while some were flitting about already. This one was special because it was vibrating, and dearest noticed that it seemed like a butterfly was about to emerge…


The elephant ride! We made it in time for it :3 It’s so exciting, since it’s my first time and I love elephants.

Ready to leave!

Getting the hang of it. The elephant is pretty… wide. And despite looking as though it walks really straight, it moves left to right, right to left when you’re on it because of the muscles @_@ Kind of bumpy, but very steady and solid! We took a round around the track :D

I got to pat the elephant when I was done with the ride. They’re prickly and thick! :x

The elephant I rode :D The elephants they have here are Asian elephants, due to their smaller ears. One of the wardens chastened the elephant because it was playing with some logs and pulling the vines, and it got upset with the warden. It deliberately hit the warden with its tail and walk towards him and make him walk out of the way XD Quite adorable, but they’re really massive creatures.

We also got to saw them file away once the times for the elephant ride was done :D They wear huge cowbells and know how to take off their harnesses by leaning on one side and allowing the wardens to remove the saddle XD

The Ah Ming memorial wall, which has photos of Ah Ming , and also with people such as Steve Irwin, her favourite keeper, news articles about her, etc. In all her photos, as dearest pointed out, really looked as though she was smiling :)

Ah Ming‘s handprints D: They’re huge, no doubt.

Flamingos! Seriously, their legs… really look awfully snappable.

The Singapore Zoo was already closing, so we decided it was time to head towards the Night Safari now :3 Before that though, we attacked the souvenir shop where Mum collected her photos with orangutans, and I bought quite a few stuff- a panda hat being one of them XD

We had an early-ish dinner at Bongo Burgers inside Night Safari. The pasta was quite delicious to be honest!

A feline lady :O Very well-made costume to be honest, and the lady put a lot of effort into her makeup as well. It must be pretty hot and humid for her, though :x

A serval! This is one cat I’d like to have :D

“Indigenous” people making their rounds, welcoming people to the Night Safari and preparing for their show later…

Dearest, Mum and me with the serval :3 It’s kind of cute.

The wardens at both Singapore Zoo and Night Safari were really strict and careful about their animals- they have a lot of rules for even taking photographs with their animals such as no sudden movements, etc, since the comfort of their animals and the safety of the people are their priority. I like.

Reminds me of the air and space displays in Night At The Museum 2: Battle Of The Smithsonian :D Only, it won’t come to life… or would it?

There are so many Ben’s & Jerry’s in Singapore, and none here in Malaysia! D: However, having tried it, I find it waaaaay too sweet for my liking :x I prefer Baskin 31 Robbins in this case, or Haagen Dazs.

The tribal show has started!

They had a lot of nice fire-playing acts. The air was starting to smell of the kerosene they used, and it was really hot from the flames!

Tribal warrior dances :P

A show of balance…

… and a show of abdominal muscle strength D:

Showcasing a rather traditional form of dance, where two bamboo poles are used. It’s nothing I’ve not seen before though, having grown up in East Malaysia and the indigenous tribes there have this too XD

If you’re not fast and/or coordinated enough with your partner(s) and the music, your ankle will get squished between the bamboo poles, and it kind of hurts! I’ve tried it before D:

The “chief” appears! o gnoes!

Seeking for a suitable prey to blowpipe…

The “chief” demonstrated the blowpipe mostly. Again, nothing I’ve not seen XD He plays with the crowd, aiming at the crowd with his blowpipe when he was supposed to aim at a balloon (Causing some panic to those who don’t know), and capturing a member of the crowd (Usually a female) to try the blowpipe.

And they ended with more fire acts. Though for this part they roped in a volunteer from the crowd and teased him with the fire acts XD It was pretty hilarious :D

Didn’t take photos of the actual safari ride, since flash photography was prohibited and it was too dark to really capture anything on camera anyway. It was really interesting, though. And again, dearest and me love how the place is built around and within a natural forest. We saw hyenas, lions, various types of deer and bovine, and a Javanese rhinoceros which looks awesomely armour-plated. Mum was expecting free-roaming predators, but the only free-roaming animals were the docile ones XD One thing I kind of regretted now was that we didn’t take up the night trails :( Oh well, there will be other chances!

When we were done with the safari ride, we queued up for the Creatures Of The Night show!

Anticipating the start.

Oh look, a hyena!

Another shot of the hyena. It did not laugh :(

The ropes were lowered for this animal (Didn’t get its name @_@) to run along on :D Sadly, I didn’t get to see it clearly because it was more on the other side, boo!

OK, I didn’t really get the name of this animal (Again, sorry!), but this was demonstrating its awesome keen sense of smell. And it was so cute :D

After this, the Night Safari people made a fuss about a “missing animal”, and while “searching” around, found it under the bench of one unfortunate row XD The poor traumatised people who bought into it were pretty freaked out.

Another hyena! No laughing here, either :(

Not very clear, but these were some really fat raccoons! They just suddenly appeared and rummaged through the bins like the raccoons they are, then ran off again before the MC could return XD So adorably cute creatures. Can I haz pet raccoon? :3

Otters recycling! XD Or rather, teaching recycling- more along the lines of if otters can do it why can’t you! Eeeee otters ♥

Mongoose :O They look almost like naked mole rates, to be honest!

More bovine species as we were leaving! :O

Overall, it had been a pretty awesome day, although it had been spent the whole day at the same location :D There are no such well-organised, well-maintained and consistent attractions here in Malaysia, so this is certainly a new and interesting experience for us. Looking forward to the next day though, where we planned to go to Haw Par Villa, Chinatown and the Merlion Park :3

omg it’s been a month since I left Singapore… I miss it :(

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