Slash Live In Malaysia 2010

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Take me down to the paradise city // Where the grass is green and the girls are pretty // (Take me home) Oh , won’t you please take me home

5th August 2010- A rock legend comes to town, and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance (After all, how often do you get people like Slash coming to Malaysia?) to see him!

Slash‘s concert was simply, in a word: awesome! He is definitely worthy of being a rock legend and a guitar god. I am still high on headbanging and music from Slash and Guns N Roses although I am temporarily half deaf-ish, my throat feels funny (From the screaming) and my neck and body is aching @_@

Personal details censored hehe :P I printed the tickets myself since I bought them online directly from FatDeal after the concert date was announced. It’s dearest Louis’ and my first major concert and we were feeling really excited!

The line waiting at around 5.15 p.m., at the entrance to Sunway Lagoon. We were there early actually… around 3 p.m.? But we had lunch and walked around Sunway Pyramid, doing some window shopping and spending some time together instead.

This is the line waiting at approximately 5.50 p.m., because we went back in Sunway Pyramid for a while. Funnily enough, gates were supposed to be open to public by 6 p.m. but there were no indications that it was going to be open any time soon.

Dearest waiting, and looking cute :P

The view from where we were sitting when seen straight on. You can see the entrance to Sunway Pyramid here XD

The crowd grew and grew as 6 p.m. approaches and passes…

Was reading the terms and conditions on the ticket to while away the time when dearest took this photo of me. This was already almost 6.30 p.m., I think. I lost track of time :P

Feeling a bit peckish, so we headed to Robot Sushi And Bar for some sushi rolls instead. The service there leaves much to be desired really, but the rolls were good! Although admittedly, pricey. RM 53 (Or so) for 3 rolls? omg :(

Dearest could not resist taking this shot ♥

A basic overview of my get-up. Black peak-shoulder top from Cotton On, shorts from MNG (Psst, both chosen by dearest!), black calf-high leather boots from Zara and leather cuffs :P Oh, and my Lowepro Terraclime 100 bag XD

Dearest kept running out (While waiting for our rolls and even drinks to be served) to see if the gates are open, and snapped this photo of the crowd. Wow. But I still heave a sigh of relief because it’s still a smaller crowd than what I had expected to be honest XD

The chopstick wrapper says “Byte me!” so dearest did.

This is the scenery that greeted us when we left Robot Sushi. Beautiful, but not welcome. Please please please don’t rain!

Oooh oooh! The line is moving! The line is finally moving! The gates are open at laaasst!

Waiting in line. Looking a bit grumpy because it’s kind of packed, pushy and the rain clouds are hovering above us (Main reason) with a few rain drops falling down already. Also, there was an unruly group of people in front of us =_=

Miraculously, the rain did not go beyond a few rain drops woooooo! This is where we parked ourselves, in the PS1 area. A very good view of the stage actually (I was pleasantly surprised) with breathing space, since in front of us was the rotating camera and thus, some empty space (And it did not block our view). Also, most of us there are around my size, which is a good thing :D The only downside was that we occasionally had to move back a little when the camera rotates and pans around.

Some last minute setting up and fine-tuning…

Some more last minute tweaking… the crowd was going pretty wild at this point. There were some really rude foreigners literally pushing their way between us to get to the front, and I snapped and shouted at them because they didn’t even have the decency to say “Excuse me”. After that anyone who tried to push their way between us without saying “Excuse me” were stopped and denied, and pushed back. No more nonsense roar!

And the legend himself takes the stage! I didn’t see the time, but I believe he started around 8 p.m. or just slightly after. There was supposed to be an opening act by Amy Search, but he did not appear, nor were there any announcements on why, at least not that I know of, to be honest. Anyone have any idea why? XD

It’s a kind of relief to dearest and me though, since although we paid RM 131 (RM 128 plus RM 3 ticketing fee) for one concert by Slash (Instead of supposedly “two”), we didn’t really want to hear Amy Search :x

The concert officially begins with the appearance of the rest of the band! ♥ I swear, I’ve never sweated so much in my entire life ever than when I was moshing and headbanging to the magnificient Slash and his awesome band!

Photos of the concert from here on ;3

Such a beautiful, beautiful picture.

After this, we moved to the back, 3/4 into the concert. Main reason was that a foreigner behind me was super rude enough to keep punching my back and knee-ing me forward the whole time and also when we were pushed back because of the rotating camera. Telling the foreigner off did not work, unfortunately, and it really pissed me off to no end. It was a nice change, however, being at the back because there was more space to breathe and move (And mosh and headbang!), and we’re not so near the speakers so our ears are kind of spared XD I also really wished the people around us would mosh more, though. The ones at the centre moshed like mad!

Along with Myles Kennedy, they performed songs mainly from Slash‘s solo album such as Ghost, Back From Cali, Nothing To Say and Starlight (Where everyone held up their phones/lighters, beautiful!), and some songs from Guns N Roses such as Sweet Child O’ Mine (Massive sing-a-long!) and Civil War. The final song was Paradise City by Guns N Roses, and it was simply mindblowing. Duckboy requested a video of it but 1. I was too short to even see the stage from the back (And I was also surrounded by tall people), so a video would have turned out really crappy and 2. Dearest and I were moshing to it, so no time to take a video :P

Slash also has an awesome speaking voice actually (Compared to some artists/performers), though he’s a bit of a potty-mouth! XD And the drummer, Brent Fitz the drummer is pretty cute in his own way, smiling at the camera when it pans towards him and the like. Such an awesome concert indeed. The atmosphere was simply electrifying.

But all good things have to come an end, and the concert ended shy of 10 p.m. to a pretty disappointed crowd because we wanted more! :( Neither dearest nor me took photos of the end or near-end because we were at the back at this time (So it would be pointless) and we left as soon as we could to avoid a massive crowd thronging out the gates.

This is what I came back with… for RM 90, at a booth selling Slash merchandise near the entrance/exit to the Surf Beach where the stage was set. They have bandanna and button badges too, but this is by far the best merchandise available there in my opinion :P It’s the most expensive I’ve ever spent on a bloody t-shirt, to be honest D: But it’s worth it since it’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and it’s of really good quality, material and printing-wise.

The front. Beautiful artwork to be honest.

The back. It’s pretty fun to say “We’re all gonna dieeeeee!” in an apocalyptic tone.

There are a few things that I don’t understand about the organisers, whoever they are- Firefly? Sunway? I shall list my grievances and complaints down here:

1. No outside food and drinks were allowed, and any food and/or drinks found during the bag check were to be disposed off. Bummer, because dearest and me stocked up on drinks to keep ourselves hydrated during the concert. I don’t really understand this, other than the fact that they just want to make money by selling water for RM 5 per 500ml bottle inside the venue. So no, the excuse that there might be excessive litter inside when people bring in drinks and/or food to the venue is busted.
2. The bag check. I’ve no problem with this but the people doing this were, in my humble opinion, rude. You do not roughly frisk through the contents of other people’s bags when they are being shown to you. Instead, you politely ask them to open the bag and declare for you, supervised, whatever’s inside.
3. The unruly people. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there were a group of unruly people in front of dearest and me while we were queuing up to get past the gates into Sunway Lagoon and subsequently, the Surf Beach where the stage is. They were shouting, singing (Still fine) and drinking a bottle of whiskey shared between them openly (Not fine) and were obviously drunk and/or intoxicated (Again, not fine). Why do the security and organisers still allow them in? Just because they paid? Even inside while on the way to the Surf Beach they were making huge commotions. Ugh.
4. More unruly people. Foreigners decked in their best complete leather rock attire, fine. Wearing real actual spiked cuffs, not fine, because in the densely packed area of the concert venue, someone might and could get hurt and/or seriously injured when they come in contact with the cuffs. Common sense people, please? Does this mean I can bring in my brass knuckles (If I have one) next time as part of my rock get-up and it’s OK if I accidentally punched someone with it while moshing?
5. No DSLR cameras. OK, this is simply nonsensical. Publicity in any way is always good, and these photographers might contribute positively to it. And I think that unless you have a humongous telephoto lens, there’s still no way you can really capture the performers, stage area and performance as a whole as well as the properly attired and outfitted media personnel right in the front of the stage, no? There has been widespread news about how DSLRs are targeted by thieves, etc. and unless you provide a proper, secure area for the people to stash their gear, with the guarantee that it will not be damaged and/or lost, it’s stupid to deny entry to people with DSLRs when you allow entry to potentially dangerous and/or drunk people. Also, it should have been printed in the terms and conditions or announcements made earlier about no DSLRs allowed so people wouldn’t have to lug their gear around too.
6. The queue. It can really suffocate someone and make them pass out.

I certainly hope that the organisers will look into these issues and rectify them, because they can really put a damper to some people’s experiences of the concert. The smoking and pushing during the concert itself is understandable, really, despite me not liking crowds (And the foreigner behind me also really ticked me off), but it’s all part and parcel of a concert :D

Oooh. Also, what to wear when attending a concert at the Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon? During Slash‘s concert I saw a lot of girls wearing shorts, and so did I thankfully! It’s going to be packed and humid and sweaty at the venue, so try to dress for that (Shorts, tank tops, etc.) and I strongly suggest wearing proper shoes, since you might risk your toes being trampled on during moshing and/or headbanging, despite the venue being sandy. And pack as light as possible- wouldn’t want aching shoulders from carrying all that weight during moshing and/or headbanging. If you also plan to stand quite near to the speakers and/or are a regular concert-goer, try to get earplugs- it might “dampen” the sound a little (I need to try this out, really), but I believe I don’t want to go deaf by the time I hit 40 :P

All in all, I really enjoyed myself, and dearest did, too (He’s so cute when headbanging and moshing!) :D It’s a positive experience marred by a few glitches (That could thankfully be solved) and I do look forward to attending my next major concert if there’s any! Although I hope not all at once, because the tickets are not exactly cheap, but Slash‘s was, in my honest opinion, really worth it!

Rock on! \m/

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