Singapore Trip Day 1- 17th August 2010

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OK, I am going to segment my posts into each day instead, due to the amount of photos and the potential lengthiness :P It also makes filtering and processing the photos easier for me, too D: So here begins day 1 out of 5!

It all began a few days before the trip…

She’s making a list… she’s checking it twice…
Yeah, my list for the last-minute stuff that needs to be packed, which I wrote and posted 2 days before the actual trip :P The rest are all already packed into my suitcase and train case already XD I pride myself in being an efficient packer :D

On the 17th August 2010, Tuesday, dearest Louis, Mum and me left home towards Singapore with my car (The 2006 Honda Jazz VTEC) at almost 10.30 a.m.. There wasn’t much photos of the journey there as I mainly spent my time asleep and my LX3 camera was in dearest’s backpack in the back seat, which I was too lazy to retrieve :x

We adjourned at Malacca briefly for lunch before continuing our journey. Dearest chose to use the Tuas checkpoint, and handled all the immigration stuff since he’s used to it- travelling to Singapore every few months with one of his bosses for business/work, although it’s usually a one day trip :P We passed by without any problems…

… And here we are, finally, welcome to Singapore! Although this photo was taken somewhat further into Singapore from the Tuas checkpoint already since I decided to retrieve my LX3 camera >_> It kind of reminds me of Penang, especially it’s industrial area (Bayan Lepas) since it was all also industrial areas, factories and greenery @_@ And look at the fonts on the road signs, it’s so different from the ones we have in Malaysia XD

It was about 3 p.m. (If I remembered correctly) when we arrived… and it was raining :(

Not only are their road sign fonts different… the underground passes are different too! It’s half covered, and half-exposed! Mind-blowing I tell you XD

We arrived at our hotel- Fragrance Hotel Selegie, located on Selegie Road and checked in. We booked the family room… but don’t be deceived by the photo- our room looked exactly like the one photographed (Although the mirror and vanity was in between the two beds and the windows were at the feet of the beds)… except that it was all. There is just enough leg room at the feet of the beds for people to walk past and that’s it. No wardrobe, no space for your clothes and/or luggage. The bathroom was practically one huge shower stall- the toilet, sink and shower were all cramped into the space, but it was clean (Phew!) at least.

Seeing such small space, we thought of getting an upgrade, but the executive deluxe room only had bed space for two and there were no extra beds or mattresses, although it was marginally bigger. Bummer >_> It took some time getting used to the hotel room due to its superiorly small size but otherwise, it was pretty good. The hotel was very clean, the staff rather friendly, the beds comfortable (Although their pillows were flatter than what dearest and I are accustomed to, though, which resulted in neck pains) and the location was quite good and convenient as well :D

Oh well, we dumped our luggage into our allocated room and got comfortable (For me this usually means taking out my toiletries and skincare stuff and arranging them in the bathroom and on the vanity), then when Mum confirmed that she didn’t want to rest for a while (Dearest was concerned that she was tired, and thought of letting her, as well as us, rest a while before going off) we decided to walk to Orchard Road :D Initially we thought of going for the Night Safari, but didn’t want to rush too much and tire ourselves out.

A view from outside Fragrance Hotel Selegie :D Look at the dark clouds and gloomy skies, don’t you welcome new tourists to Singapore? :(

The Rex Cinemas located behind our hotel. Mum recognises it from her last visit to Singapore, which was approximately 27 years ago!

You could see it more clearly on the non-resized photo, but the shop says Mr. Bean’s XD

Walking past the grand School of the Arts Singapore. It’s one of the more grander institutions I’ve ever seen (Although it’s an art school, to give it credit). Either way, eat your heart out Limkokwing University of Creative Technology!

While walking along, we stumbled upon the Cathay Cineplex, which Mum also recognised :D They apparently built the new, modern shopping complex (Cineleisure, like the one we have had here :P) behind and extending out from behind the original, old structure, which is pretty impressive as it’s a blend of both old and new.

The box office. From what I see it’s housed within the old, original structure, but that’s about it. There’s the motorcycle as used by Angelina Jolie in the movie Salt, I guess :P Cineleisure is a shopping mall, albeit a small one compared to the others, and we went in to have a look around. There wasn’t much, but it’s the first shopping mall in Singapore I went to :P Saw Lomography cameras (Cheaper than in Malaysia, too!) and various other housing decor shops, but didn’t buy much apart from a magnetic money clip for dearest :3

The outside view of Cathay Cineplex. There’s the Singapore Management University there.

Feeling a bit lost and unsure where exactly is the direction to Orchard Road, since dearest usually travels by car and stays in Bencoolen Street, so we’re not exactly familiar with walking and from Selegie Road D:

Mum admiring the pretty light displays outside of Cathay Cineplex.

Dearest taking photos of Mum :3

Opposite Cathay Cineplex is this Methodist church. And look! A road sign that says Bras Basah Road, which translates in Malay to “wet rice” (The uncooked variety) XD

Dearest tweaking the settings for Mum‘s camera to take more photos of her lol >_>

Cathay Cineplex celebrating 75 years. That’s a really, really long time! I really love how old and new blend in together so nicely, and the lighting at this time is pretty and awesome too :D

We continued on, past and through Singapore Management University, until we reached what I remember is the National Museum of Singapore. It was also around here that we realised we’ve been walking in the wrong direction and had to do a detour T_T Thankfully though, thanks to a few helpful locals we accosted on the streets for directions, we eventually managed to reach Orchard Road :D

One of the shopping malls along Orchard Road, which is literally lined with the whole lot of them. I think this is Orchard Central :O We ended up going into 313@Somerset instead, which is right beside it XD The shopping malls all really light up the street with it’s colourful, colour-changing displays and it’s also impressive.

In 313@Somerset we went to Forever 21, Cotton On and Zara, where Mum bought some clothes, and I didn’t see any suitable for me >_> It wasn’t until we went to UniQlo where I bought some clothes XD I bought a pair of red and black checkered skinny pants, a black cowl-neck long sleeved modal sweater and a light brown light trench coat-dress, while Mum bought some clothes as well and dearest too- a pair of shorts, a red and black checked flannel shirt and a an official Gundam t-shirt :D I have to say, they really do have a different selection compared to Malaysia, as in they have more variety. I’m usually not to thrilled clothes shopping here, but it feels so different in Singapore D:

Walked around until almost closing time (Boo!) and had dinner at the food court there. Not too bad I’d say, but like Arell said, food in Malaysia is more traditional compared to in Singapore XD It was time to walk back to Selegie Road now!

There are dot-matrix boards like this around Singapore, especially around the areas with a lot of complexes or shopping malls. They show the number of available parking lots in the nearby, surrounding complexes or shopping malls, which is really convenient so you don’t enter a parking lot that’s full and wait for ages for a parking space (Unlike here in Malaysia) and you know where to head to to avoid traffic congestion. This is a lovely photo taken by dearest :3

Oh, and pedestrians seem to really own the roads in Singapore XD Some of the pedestrian crossing lights are scary though, due to their beeping sounds. There’s one in front of our hotel and sometimes when we walk past we stop and wonder what’s that sound before realising, because we’re not accustomed to it D:

Day 1 wasn’t much overall, admittedly, but it sure got me excited to explore more, since I haven’t seen much of it! And I haven’t really had my fill of shopping :(

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6 Responses
  1. Arell says:


    Your photos are sooo pretty! Especially The Cathay and Orchard ones…. I didn’t realise it could be so pretty there at night. =x

    A slight correction though… The Cathay Cineplex building.. is called The Cathay. It’s not Cineleisure. Cineleisure (which is under the Cathay Organisation as well) is further down the road, next to Orchard Mandarin Hotel. :p

    Oh, and yeah, I didn’t know Bras Basah means wet rice in Malay! One learn new things everyday huh… XD

  2. Stephanie says:


    Thanks! I took the ones at Cathay, while my bf took the ones in Orchard XD Singapore is quite pretty at night, really! :3

    Ooooooh, my bad XD I thought that was the Cineleisure! I shall correct that in the next post :x

    It’s a pretty interesting name for a road, which is partly why I took a photo of it too (Apart from slight boredom waiting for my bf to take photos of my Mum haha) XD

  3. Arell says:

    Pssst! Let you in on a secret! Your photos of Cathay are so much prettier… =x

  4. Rob says:

    looks like you guys had fun :)

  5. Stephanie says:

    @Arell: :D Awww thanks! I think it’s also partly due to the lighting too, though :x

    @Rob: We did! I look forward to going back there someday!

  6. Rob says:

    :) the world is a large place. see as much as you guys can!

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