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Whimsical. adjective: determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason; “a capricious refusal”; “authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious”; “the victim of whimsical persecutions” [syn: {capricious}, {impulsive}]

Perhaps it is the rain pitter-pattering outside my window, the thunder rumbling and the lightning flashing, but the word is strongly in my head right now. Don’t really know why, though @_@

Anyway, pretty much spent the whole of yesterday with dearest Louis :D He managed to get a whole day off… to attend the Malaysian International Toy Fair, held at Mid Valley Megamall‘s exhibition centre.

We arrived at Mid Valley Megamall around 12 noon… just in time for the vast and empty season parking areas to be opened to public, mwahahaha :D We headed over to the exhibition centre after lunch at Nando’s (I’ve been craving them for ages!), paid the RM 3 (Each) admission fee and went inside. It was a small section of the whole exhibition centre, though, shared with a wedding fair on the opposite side (Tempted to go!) and a kiddy-ish nutrition fair beside it. Again, I forgot my Panasonic Lumix LX-3 :(

The stickers we were given upon paying the admission fee, which we stuck to our clothes to be admitted XD

Thoughts and impressions on the Malaysian International Toy Fair: While it is not as grand or large as expected, it’s pretty good for an attempt at a toy fair, especially here in Malaysia. There were impressive models (The action figure kind), mainly from the Iron Man movies and the Gundam figures were quite affordable. The booths and layout were well organised as well. However, it’s just not comprehensive enough, like it’s lacking a lot of things that could make a toy fair more interesting. Also, at the time dearest and me were there, the cosplayers were just getting ready, so I was spared the eye-torture XD There was, however, one very prolific cosplayer, I’m sure those who attend know who and/or what I’m talking about. I only know she’s known as Joanna. One thing I disliked was the online game community D: It was all… well… Chinese online games/MMORPGs. Where are the good English ones? T_T

Then we went shopping- the whole of Mid Valley Megamall, The Gardens Mid Valley and later Empire Shopping Gallery. We adjourned to Empire Shopping Gallery as an afterthought because Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mid Valley tend to be very, very packed during the weekends, which I really dislike @_@

Hauled back a new book and the latest issue of Cleo magazine from Borders, Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF40 PA+++ in the tinted shade from Isetan, a striped bodycon tank dress from Tangs (Finally, something that fits!), T. LeClerc Pressed Powder in Banane from Ken’s Apothecary (The only sole seller of the brand in Malaysia!) and some other un-photographed essentials ;D

It feels like it’s been so long since I spent a whole day with dearest like this! @_@ I said it feels like it, because we do spend time together on his off-days going shopping or window shopping, but not a whole day though, since we usually have some other things to do first XD We unwound at night by watching a DVD… it’s just so blissful spending time and being with him ♥

Looking forward to a facial sometime next week :( I really need to get an extraction- I’ve got a few pimply-feeling bumps on the left side of my face that’s not immediately noticeable, but otherwise I can feel it. My skin is just super-stressed, because no matter what I do or apply, it seems to not be getting any better, so perhaps a nice relaxing facial would calm it down a little D: I should also stop reading so much into ingredients and being so paranoid- what works, works, and what doesn’t just doesn’t. End of story >_> The only thing I care about at the moment are how natural the products potentially are (Though we can’t avoid every single “bad” chemical on the list), and animal testing. Right now, everything I use on my face are free from animal testing :D

P.S. I hate blogs with embedded music. Like, really hate. I hate having to find where the hell that damned player is and click on “stop” or “pause”. Argh. Doesn’t help that 99% of the time it’s playing some overplayed pop song or some J-pop/K-pop song sigh =_=

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