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I am feeling very excited! :) Today is not only the 11th November 2011, or 11/11/11 (And the 28th monthniversary for dearest Louis and me), but also the start of a new personal project. Unveiling… my new beauty blog- Beaute Fabuleuse! Please visit it and leave your comments and/or suggestions :D

I’ve been toying with the idea of going back to beauty blogging for quite some time, and I’ve finally decided to take the plunge :) Hopefully I’ll be able to better commit to it this time around, yeah? Don’t worry, I won’t be neglecting this blog- it will be for all things non-beauty-related :P I’ll also try to update more when time permits, promise!

On a more personal note, I’ll be heading back to Labuan again sometime this month, maybe on the 27th November. Also, my GRE exam results are coming out on 15th November so I’m a little nervous about that! Then I’ll need to finalise my application to Nanyang Technological University by the end of this month (Even though the deadline is end of December, but I don’t want to take any chances)- wish me luck! D:

My Women Stuff Readers Choice Awards 2011

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Warning: Wordy, photo-intensive.

Logo taken from My Women Stuff.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I flew back from Labuan in the middle of a project to deliberately attend the much anticipated My Women Stuff Readers Choice Awards 2011, which was held on Saturday, 29th October 2011.

It was held at the Coffee Chemistry Cafe of Cubic Platforms in Sunway Giza… which is very near where I stay thankfully :D Words cannot describe how happy I was to hear about the location, as it was a Saturday and I was worried about having to drive down to somewhere like the middle of Kuala Lumpur, which I am not terribly familiar with :P So I was there about half an hour early, but due to my excitement I neglected to take photos of the venue as I arrived there :s It was a nice, cosy place though, with helium balloons tied to the chairs :D

The registration counter was manned by Connie of Skin Deco and Dom/Yvonne of Belle Demoiselle, for one. How could I remember to take photos after that? :P

Then Paris B herself- the owner, writer and editor of My Women Stuff and the main organiser of the event also came to talk to me personally, and I was really starstruck! To finally meet her is an honour indeed and a reason why I attended :D I also spotted Xin of Pretty Beautiful and also Beatrice of Beetrice’s Reviews. Just… wow. Seriously, I found it hard to talk properly or in a coherent sentence, especially to them because I was so starstruck D: Apologies to everyone if I was blabbering and/or talking nonsense! Please take it as a compliment instead as I’m only like that around people who amaze me :D

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I should write more, but October has been an extremely busy month for me.

Dad was around early October, there was some paperwork to settle after that, and from the 17th to 26th October, I have a project in Labuan which necessitated me being around so I was there. I am supposed to still be in Labuan but I came back for the My Women Stuff Reader’s Choice Awards 2011 which was earlier today :P I couldn’t miss it because I had to stick to my word after RSVP-ing and confirming my attendance, and also because I’ve always wanted to meet the beauty bloggers (As well as the others in the scene) of Malaysia! I wasn’t disappointed :)

I’ve got a whole backlog of posts to go through, actually (Groan!), but the next update shall most likely be about My Women Stuff Reader’s Choice Awards 2011 ;) Dom of Belle Demoiselle has also asked me to update more, so I shall try my best! :D

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I Survived My GRE!

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Yeap. The dreaded exam is finally over @_@ I’ve been busy really preparing for it after my birthday, which explains the lack of updates even though I’ve been having loads of ideas for posts… but since now the exam is over I can get to work on them :D

Anyway, the Graduate Record Exam, or GRE has only one test centre in Malaysia- at the Faber Imperial Court which is basically in the Sheraton Imperial Hotel building. Mine was scheduled on 21st September 2011 at 1.30 p.m., but apparently when you’re ready you can start before the time, which is what I did. Am very thankful to dearest Louis for taking a day off (Despite Gamer’s Hideous rushing the opening of their new branch in 1 Utama) and accompanying me throughout :) And while I’m at it I’d also like to thank everyone who had wished me well and prayed for me.

The analytical writing or essay part didn’t give me too much trouble thankfully, but the quantitative reasoning or Maths and verbal reasoning or comprehension sections did a little, though it was thankfully again, nothing too overly major. I saw my unofficial scores, and I’m quite relieved to see that I am scoring within the average for my intended course, which is a good thing! Though the official scores will come out after 10th November 2011. I just hope that I have a satisfactory score that will gain me entry into Nanyang Technological University‘s Masters in Sociology program :)

Now that the GRE is out of the way, I’ve got to settle the references and get working on my personal statement and research details… and once the results are out I can mail my application in. Fingers crossed!

Oh, and after the GRE (And also as a sort of birthday present to myself) I treated myself to a Juicy Couture wallet- the New Scottie Embroidery Wallet in Nardels. Always loved this dog logo, and the wallet looks good (Despite it being pink, seriously- the other colours aren’t even that nice in real life), so meh! Also, trust me, it’s considerably affordable compared to other high-end designer brands, too. However, it’s not going to be my primary wallet, though, but my secondary wallet mainly for my loyalty cards. Nothing can replace my classic black leather Braun Buffel bifold (And ironically the Braun Buffel costs more, too) :P

Oh, Dad will be back tomorrow until the 2nd October. It’s been quite a while since he’s been back here due to work, so there most probably won’t be updates while he is, since we’ll all be going out quite often I think! XD